Sunday, January 25, 2015

List of restricted school zones in Melbourne

After spending some time trying to find a list of restricted school zones, I've given up and decided to collect them manually. I use them to populate the zones on my website Melbourne School Zones.

Following is a list of restricted zones I've encountered, with a link to a source used to obtain that information.

But first, a quote from Victoria's department of education, explaining what is a restricted zone for a public school -
In most instances, you will be able to enrol your child into the government primary school nearest to where you live.
However, some primary schools need to restrict their enrolments – and the number of students they can take – to a particular area or zone around the actual school. This means that certain schools can only take students from a specific neighbourhood area. Where your permanent residential address is will determine whether your child is eligible to enrol in that school.
These enrolment restrictions are sometimes referred to as residential boundaries, school zones, enrolment ceilings or enrolment caps.
And now for the list:

This list and the Melbourne School Zones website should be used as a guide only. The school in question should be contacted for definitive zone information.

  • Oct 16th 2015 - Added Truganina South Primary School
  • July 14th 2015 - Added Mount Waverley Secondary College Link
  • May 4th 2015
    • Updated Camberwell Primary School zone link.
    • Updated Auburn South Primary School zone link
  • May 2nd 2015 - Updated Hartwell Primary School zone link.
  • May 1st 2015 
    • Added Mont Albert Primary School zone.
    • Updated Chatham Primary School zone link.


  1. Mont Albert Primary School is in 2015 a zoned school

    1. Thanks. I've updated the blog with a link to the zone map.

  2. hi there, how did you work out which schools have zones versus which didnt?

  3. Hi Darren,

    I compiled it manually - just talking to schools and checking their websites.

    The Victorian government do have the data we need, but they did not release it yet.

  4. Hi There,

    I'm interested in having a chat about this. Would you be open to discussing further?

    1. Sure, email me on and we'll setup something.

  5. Hi,

    Just wondering how you calculated the school zones for those that do not have restricted zones? I'm using QGIS with the school locations to create voronoi polygons, but the result I get is subtly different to yours. I'm new to GIS in general, so just wondering if there's something obvious I'm doing wrong?



    1. I seem to have worked it out - was using the wrong projection for the data :)

    2. Was just about to suggest that :)

      Working on anything interesting you can share?

    3. I'm building a Qlik Sense app (see to bring together property sales data with a variety of other data sources for analysis purposes. One of the things I wanted to analyse specifically was median property prices by school zone, which I can now do :)

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